Denia beaches

There are several beaches in Denia you can enjoy, main beaches are located in three places: the area of Punta de La Almadraba, Punta del Raset and finally the urban beaches les Rotes.

In Denia you can get to city beaches, isolated coves where you can find nudist beaches, beach services, some of them have the european blue flag which means quality water and sand; beaches in Denia use to be of golden sand or gravel and there are many small coves ... there is a big variety of beaches in Denia.

Some Denia beaches below:

La Almadraba (Denia) Punta de la Almadraba
Not quiet beach especially on weekends. It is of golden sand and gravel.
Les Devesses Les Devesses (Denia) Zona de El Basot.
3Km of golden sand.
La Marineta Casiana La Marineta Casiana (Denia) Zona Sur de Denia
Dark sand. Facilities. Very busy beach and is possible to practice water sports.
Cala de Aigua Dolç Cala de Aigua Dolç (Denia) Sur de Dénia. Junto a Les Rotes.
Nudist beach located on a cliff with access via a staircase next to the Montgo Nature Park and Marine Reserve of Cabo de San Antonio.
Cala de Aigua Dolç Cala de Aigua Dolç (Denia)
Racó de la Alberca Racó de la Alberca (Denia) Punta de los Molinos
Beach of sand, gravel and rocks.
Les Bovetes Les Bovetes (Denia) El Palmar
Golden sand beach. Year after year this beach receives the blue flag. There are facilities available.
Sorts de Mar Sorts de Mar (Denia) Zona Moliñell
Vast beach of sand and gravel. There are no available facilities to the visitors.
Molinos y Palmeras Molinos y Palmeras (Denia) Punta de los Molinos
Golden sand beach with a few facilities available.
Playa Nova Playa Nova (Denia) Norte del Puerto de Dénia.
Urban beach with all the facilities available, even for disabled people.
Les Marines Les Marines (Denia) Zona sur de El Palmar.
Very popular golden sand beach.
L'Estanyo (Denia)
Gravel and sand beach with a few facilities for the visitors.
Les Rotes (Denia)
South Denia area beach of gravel and rocks.

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