Denia Heritage

The Castle is the par excellence local Heritage Monument. The Archaeological Museum is housed within its walls. The museum offer is completed by an Ethnologic Museum and the Museum of Toys.

From the watchtowers, from the castle’s battlements, from the tower del Gerro, at the feet of Mount Montgó, history has bestowed witnesses sculpted in stone. Take a stroll along its streets and visit its monuments and museums, bearing witness of the artistic and historic wealth of a city that has been coveted by all.

Castle of Dénia

It is situated over a smooth hill next to the sea and in the heart of the city. It is was one of the main elements defining the historic topography of the town’s urban development. Remains of houses and forts going back to Roman Dianium have been excavated on its slopes. Its design goes back to the Muslim period between the 11th and 12th centuries. Since then, we can trace different reforms through its architecture. We must point out those from the Almohade period, the construction of the Red Tower and the Council’s Tower in the 15th century, the bastions and other Renaissance defensive systems, including the rebuilding of the Governor’s Palace in the 16th and 17th centuries, sponsored by the Duke of Lerma, Marquis of Dénia.

Town Hall

Two Roman inscriptions, proceeding from the forum of Dianium, can be read on the façade and the access stairway in Hospital Street.

The Olds Shipyards

Characteristics of the building: It has a rectangular plan, with a two-sided Arabic tiled roof.

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