Aguilas Weather

The Mediterranean climate, with almost non-existent precipitations, more typical of lower altitudes, together with 3.200 hours of sunshine each year and an average temperature example, the cornelian cherry tree, the breast-fruit tree or the jujube endemic species such Haloenemum strolhllaceum, and wildlife that shares common species with the neighbouring continent, such as tortoises and genets. Humidity is almost inexistent, concentrated mostly in the dry riverbeds and ravines, which form an oasis for larger vegetation; rose bay, fig trees, palms and carob trees.

But the most remarkable of the Aguilas coastline is its transparent sea, with an average temperature of 20º C and the top environmental qualification, which make it a unique place for water sports: Diving in outstanding enclaves with a great variety and richness of species, places such as la Catedral, Isla del Fraile, Piedra del Covacho.

Whale watching from boats, with various species of dolphins. Sailing with courses for all ages and levels in Windsurfing, Dinghy Sailing or Yachting plus Water Sports classes. Rowing in traditional fishing boats or sliding-seat rowing in Olympic boats.

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