Lorca, Murcia

Declared to be a Historic-Artistic site in 1964, Lorca is known as the "baroque city" because of the significant architectural legacy of this style standing in its historic centre.

From the Paleolithic period until Roman times, a wide variety of cultures and settlers converged in the town of Lorca and testimony to this are the great many archaeological sites, the Milaria Column from the Roman age, the Tower of Espoln or the Alfonsina Tower, among others. Also worth mentioning are the San Antonio Porch, a gate from the old walled enclosure which guarded the city, from the 10th century; the churches and convents of different ages and styles; and the palaces and baroque stately homes, such as the palace of Guevara, the palace of the Counts of San Julin or the Mula ancestral home. As for military architecture, outstanding is the fortress, which transformed the medieval citadel into an impregnable enclosure, and as regards popular architecture, we must mention the structures standing on the cobbled streets which flank Plaza de España, such as Zapatera and Cava.

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