Murcia Museums

Different art forms are posted on the network of galleries in the region, comprising the archaeological museums of Murcia, Lorca, Jumilla, Calasparra, Caravaca, Yecla, Cehegín, Cieza and Mula. The latter brings together one of the best collections of Iberian art from all around the country. Then in Cartagena, there is a Maritime Museum of Archeology.

Other aspects of the traditions and cultural events of Murcia are exposed at the Museo de Bellas Artes de Murcia, the first regional art gallery in the collections of religious art in the Cathedral of Murcia, Caravaca, Moratalla and Cehegín, the Naval Museum located in the port city of Cartagena, the Mining Union, the Ethnological Museum de la Huerta near the capital, the Museum of Wine "Carcelén John" in the town of Jumilla and museums located in the city of Murcia dedicated to the painter Ramon Gaya , the great sculptor Salzillo and Science.

You can visit the wealth of crafts in this community, with more than 400 workshops, you can visit the Centers for Crafts Murcia, Lorca and Cartagena, exhibiting pieces of various trades: clay pottery, articles made of esparto, rugs , silver work, embroidery and cribs.

Museum Salzillo

Type of museum: Sculpture
Artistic style: Baroque

Inaugurated in 1960 as monographic museum of the famous sculptor and Murcian painter, Francisco Salzillo, born in 1707. It contains for the most part the big processional sculptures belonging to the Brotherhood of Our Father Jess Nazareno and the Bethlehem, work of art carried out with the utmost delicacy, made up of more than 500 pieces, evocation of rural Murcia at the time. Amongst the processional sculptures that parade on the morning of Easter Friday, it is worth mentioning: 'La Oración del Huerto', 'La última Cena', 'San Juan' and 'La Dolorosa'.

Museum Ramn Gaya

Plaza Santa Catalina s/n
30004 Murcia
Tel. +34 968221099
Artistic style: Contemporary Art

Installed in the Casa Palarea, displaying the work of one of the best Murcian contemporary artists. Sketches, literary works, etc, from other artists are also displayed.

Archaeology Museum

Avenida Alfonso X 7
30008 Murcia
Tel. +34 968341060
Type of museum: Archaeology

The Iberian archaeological collection of this museum, created in 1867, is one of the most complete of those preserved in Spanish museums. Closed on Sundays and public holidays. Apart from the content of the Iberian collection, the El Algar (1900-1400 A.C.) pieces found in different sites in the region will also interest visitors.

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