Aguilas Fairs

5th three Kings Cavalcade procession through the town.
6th Fiesta in El Garrobillo qith presentation of the Three King´s car.
Weekend closest to San Anton. Fiesta in Tebar from 12.00 hrs.

Aguilas Carnival, declared to be of National Tourist Interest, with large and impressive street processions and important competitions.

Tribute to the Virgen de los Dolores, the patron saint of Aguilas with processions. Holy Weekend with processions on Monday, Thursday and Goos Friday.

Sunday closest to the Saint´s Day of San Isidro, Fiesta in Los Arejos.

The beginning of the summer seasons with open-air celebrations including a fair, theatre and sports competitions, etc.
16th tribute to the Virgen del Carmen, patron sain of the sea.

The whole month is a fiesta in Aguilas, with a fair, various competitions, regattas, sports tournaments, games, cultural events, theatre and exhibitions, etc.
First Sunday of the month, is Tourist Day.
Second Sunday of the month Encuentro de Cuadrillas.
14th 10pm Firework display over the Levante Bay with view from the Port.
15th the highlight of the season with a celebration of the Asunción de la Virgen.

8th Fiesta in El Garrobillo from 12 hrs to commemorate the Inmaculate Conception.
24th Live Nativity Scene in the Plaza de España.
25th traditional Christmas Fiesta in La Cuesta de Gos from 12hrs.
28th Fiesta in El Garrobillo from 12:00 hrs. to commemorate the day of Los Inocentes

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