Madrid Location

Madrid, the capital of Spain, is likewise the seat of the Royal Family and the Government, with its corresponding judicial and legislative authorities (Senate and Lower House). With its Constitution dating from 1978 (death of Franco), Spain has become a democratic state with a parliamentary Monarchy.

On this website you will find information about Madrid capital, which is different to the Autonomous Community of Madrid. The capacity and extent of each Autonomous Regional Authority is determined by the Constitution that designates these areas as interrelated body between the Central administration and the regions.

The political capital Madrid is almost exactly as well the geographical heart of Spain, with a location of 40º25m north and 3º42m west. Madrid Barajas, the city’s international airport , is located about 15 km (9 miles) from the city centre and provides the traveler all kinds of amenities such as car hire Madrid Airport, taxis, shuttle, transfers and travel agencies.

Madrid lays on several smaller mountains on an average altitude between 654 and 694 Meters above sea level. Through the city flows the river Manzanares.

Autumn in Madrid

In Madrid we find an annual temperature around13 ºC (55ºF). In the winter months and due to the cold winds the temperature often drops below 0ºC (32ºF) with snowfall on the mountain ranges, although there is hardly ever snow in the city. The summer months can be very hot and the temperature can climb over 40ºC (104ºF), but as the air tends to be very dry, it is to some extent more endurable. Madrid´s climate is supposed to be one of the healthiest in Europe, due to its geographical position and by being surrounded on three sides by high Mountain ranges from where the whole area receives uncontaminated air. In some of the Sierras, as for instance Guadarrama, you can practice winter sports nearly throughout the year.

The metropolitan limits of Madrid include an area of 607 km2; meanwhile the Autonomous Community of Madrid comprises 8.000 km2 and 178 municipalities.

Consistent with the official census data from Madrid´s town hall, the city´s population in the metropolitan area was 3,214,531 on January 2009. For further information visit the Madrid city council website

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