Madrid Beaches & Pools

Many Madrid visitors go to the natural pools for the feeling of a swim in the middle of nature; others do this for not having to pay for a public bath. Rivers are an appreciated alternative in Madrid for a dip, as natural as cheap.

Charcas de la Pedriza

  • Description: There are many pools along the upper part of the river Manzanares.
  • How to get there: Go to Manzanares el Real and then take the detours that lead to or Tranco and Canto Cochino.
  • Servicices: At Tranco and Canto Cochino there are some bars.

San Juan Reservoir

  • Description: On its banks lies the real beach in Madrid. Its sands are a prized free swimming. Despite being a reservoir whose waters are very treacherous. Every year someone drowns; we always recommend taking special care when swimming in places where you have never been before.
  • How to get there:Taking the M-501 road until km 51, where the turnoff to the colony of San Antonio is and ends near the dam. Behind this area are the most accessible beaches.
  • Servicices: None

Las Berceas pools

  • Description: In this landscape, there are some natural pools located at 1,250 meters altitude, right in the heart of the Fuenfría. These pools are managed by the City of Cercedilla and there is an access cost. The hours of service to the public is from 10.30 to 20.00.
  • How to get there: From the train station to the end of the road to the range, four kilometers.
  • Servicices: Clean water, showers, bath, clothing, and medical aid worker, bar, restaurant, recreation area, athletic track and playground.

Las Presillas pools

  • Description: One of the most familiar pools to Madrid locals, formed at the confluence of river stream Aguilón Lozoya, in front of the Monastery of The Paular.
  • How to get there: From Rascafría, must go past the Monastery of the Paular and the bridge of El perdón. The entrance to the parking is at kilometer 28.5.
  • Servicices: Surveillance, medical services, bar and bathroom.

Alberche Beach

  • Description: The wide sand that opens on the banks of the river, near Aldea del Fresno, make this "beach" one of the best in Madrid.
  • How to get there: Going through the M-507 to Aldea del Fresno. Once there, you have to go past the population for a kilometer.
  • Servicices: Municipal police patrolling the beach, although there is no medical assistance and health care. You can find several bars on the beach.

Pinilla Reservoir

  • Description: The endless shores of this reservoir are all sandy and very quiet. This spot is one of the favorite places of the region for windsurfing.
  • How to get there: At mile 15.2 of the M-604, near the village of Lozoya, there is a deviation that leads to the vicinity of the water reservoir.
  • Servicices: There is no oversight, no installation, although the site is adjacent to Lozoya.

La Panera

  • Description: It is one of the most appreciated bathing places by visitors. The place is located in the Rio Moros, near the town of San Rafael in Segovia. It has a very caring environment and public opening hours are from 9.00 to 21.00.
  • How to get there: From San Rafael is accessed via the N-603 towards Segovia.
  • Servicices: The place has treated water, lifeguard, medical service, showers, changing room, bathroom, bar and barbecue.

Chilly waters under a blazing sun

Two characteristics define the natural baths in the region: the frigid temperature of the water and the scourge of the sun.

Most natural Madrid pools are located in the mountain environment. Those which are not, as the reservoir of San Juan or the beach at Aldea del Fresno, are feeded by swollen rivers in the Sierra, where the water is chilly.

The altitude at which the pools and beaches are, make recommendable to use protective wear and cremes: heavy cream, hat and sunglasses.

Swimmers must be careful in the reservoirs, as there are treacherous currents.

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