Surrounded by a Mountain plateau, Madrid is situated along the Manzanares River. The Sierra de Guadarrama, with an altitude of 2.430 m (7.972 ft), overlooks the city in the north.

Madrid is the capital, seat of the Government, financial centre and geographical heart of Spain. With a population of 3.2 million, this lively city is third most populous city in The European Union (after London and Berlin).

If planning to come in high season, take in consideration to reserve your accommodation and rent a car in Madrid ahead of time if you don’t want to get bad surprises in your holidays.


Car rental Madrid

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Madrid Airport (Barajas) is located nine miles (15 km) from the city centre, the northeast of the city of Madrid, on the plain in the valley of the River Jarama. It is the country's largest and busiest airport and one of the most important ones in Europe. The airport is well connected by motorway to Madrid's main access and ring roads.

Barajas serves as the main entry to Spain from the rest of Europe and the world, and it particularly links Europe and Latin America.

The airport Barajas is the main base of Iberia Airlines, which is in charge for more than 60 percent of Barajas' traffic.


The Weather in Madrid is marked by extremes due to its central location, high altitude of 640 m (2,100 ft) and proximity to the surrounding mountains. There are wide variations between summer and winter temperatures. The summers are very hot and dry and the temperature can rise up to 40ºC (104º F). In January the average temperature is 4ºC (40ºF) with frequent snowfalls in the mountains and minimum temperatures usually below 0ºC (32ºF).

Precipitation levels in Madrid are low, with a short rainy season end of October and in spring. Madrid is as well an area of piercingly cold winds in winter and dry and dusty winds in summer.

Accommodation: Apartments and Hotels

Finding hotels in Madrid, Spain is not hard. Madrid is the eventful capital of Spain with many hotels and hostels to choose from. Depending on your budget you will find something perfect for you in this central region of Spain.

The price for accommodation in Madrid depends on location, category and season. You will be able to find cheap hotels if you reserve ahead of time. There is also a wide selection of villas and apartments rentals in Madrid for your holidays in the heart of Spain.


Regarding art museums, Madrid is one of Europe's top destinations for history and culture. The city is full of life 24 hours a day and offers a wide range of activities, entertainment and amusement.

If you stay longer, Madrid is as well a perfect base for trips to close by historical towns like Toledo, Segovia, El Escorial, Ávila, Aranjuez and the mountains (Sierra de Guarrama). If you feel like driving, Madrid is opportunely placed in the country´s centre; so you can reach any Spanish city within less than 8 hours.

Since Madrid is located more than 350 from the closest coast (Valencia), there are no beaches in Madrid as such. Nevertheless there are recent plans to create an urban beach area at the city´s river Manzanares.

Madrid is considered one of the top European destinations regarding art museums. Best known is the Golden Triangle of Art, located along the Paseo del Prado and comprising three museums. The most famous one is the Prado Museum, The other two museums are the Thyssen Bornemisza Museum, established from a mixed private collection, and the Reina Sofia Museum

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