Granada Trekking Routes Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada. Peñones de San Francisco (S. Francisco´s rocks) - Refugio del Elorrieta (Elorrieta´s shelter).

Time: Three hours and half.

From the Albergue (shelter) Universitario we shall walk on along the road towards the Veleta (see route GR-3). We soon take a junction to the right which leads to Borreguiles. From Borreguiles we shall go to the southeast to make our way to Yeguas hill.

After having reached the hill we shall climb down until the Laguna de las Yeguas, meadow, where there is a reservoir.

From here, walking on to the south, we shall go up the Lagunillas de la Virgen, to the left, in order to take a zizzagged lane wich leads to the Refugio de Elorrieta, the highest in Spain, 3187 m. high.

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