Granada Lanjaron Medicinal Waters

Right in the Granada Alpujarras, the Spa at Lanjarón offers its medicinal waters to anyone who wants to relax there for a few days. Nearby are the more than 3,000 metre high summits of the Sierra Nevada and its National Park.

Lanjarón Spa, a fountain of health and pleasure with five springs of mineral-medicinal waters for preventive and therapeutical uses. Its origin is the Sierra Nevada, the Magic Mountain. Located in a privileged spot within the Sierra Nevada Nature Park.

The Iberian Peninsula currently has more than 120 spa complexes, including such extraordinary sites as: Archena (Murcia), Lanjarón (Sierra Nevada, Granada), Puente Viesgo (Cantabria), Panticosa (Huesca), Solán de Cabras (Cuenca), Vichy Catalán (Girona), La Toja (Pontevedra), Arnedillo (La Rioja) and Cestona (Guipúzcoa), among others. They are located in such different geographical areas as middle and high mountain regions, the coasts (Titus, Arenys de Mar) and islands (Pozo de la Salud, Isla de Hierro), and therefore offer not only contrasting landscapes, but also very different climate conditions and tourist attractions. In these high-quality establishments you can enjoy the pleasure and healing action of massages and thermal baths, as well as peace, tranquility and comfort provided by facilities designed to fulfill each of your needs: outdoor and indoor thermal pools, sports facilities and exclusive medical services. Their waters, rich in sulfur, chlorine, sodium and calcium, show magnificent results in the treatment of many chronic ailments and during recuperation from more acute disorders. They are therapy centers where you can go to recover lost energy and find the tranquility you seek at any time of the year.

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