Benidorm Nightlife

The favorite city of the Costa Blanca is well known for her joy and sunshine in summer which attracts large numbers of people wanting to have fun. If you want to enjoy the Benidorm nightlife until the breakfast, you can get it here.

Spanish taverns and inns, English pubs, French cafes, German beer and all kinds of bars open their doors late at night. That's when the lights of the pubs and nightclubs emerge. In both January and August, we can find the same variety of services and leisure, as well as the same style of nightlife. Age is not a problem, Benidorm offers a variety of entertainment opportunities for all.
With the advent of night, Benidorm acquires an activity that spans the areas of tapas bars, pubs and cafes along the beach and goes into the magic of nightclubs, some of which are match the best in the world.

Many of these Benidorm nightclubs become some of the best cabaret bars of Spain. You will find in Benidorm shows all over the year. Famous names from the TV world, singers, dancers, and incredible, comedians, magicians...... whatever.
If you are looking to feel comfortable all you have to do is to enjoy the atmosphere of the dance floors of the premises as more traditional cabaret.

Popular nightclubs in Benidorm

Below are some of the pubs and bars you can find in Benidorm, however there are many more. Enjoy the night in Benidorm!

  • Champions terrace is always full. Sports lovers should also know that there are plenty of TV screens with satellite dishes.
  • Red Dog Saloon: Invited all those who like to taste the taste of the American West. Great atmosphere.
  • Lennon's is a famous nightclub for its festivals throughout the year. Located in the heart of Benidorm night, themed nights and Juergen place for those who do not like to sleep at night.
  • Jeff and Dot's Bar is a friendly and informal English pub where you can experience the atmosphere of a typical English pub. Open from 2.30pm to 11:30 a.m. and 2:00 a.m. to 8.30pm all year except Tuesday.


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