Benidorm Festivities

Commemoration of the arrival of the Virgin of the 'Buen Sufragio'

With the presentation of the Queen of the festivities and her ladies, there begins a complete programme of acts from among which the offering flowers on the 16th stands out, in commemoration of the discovery of the Patron Saint, the 'Vrgen del Sufragio'. The previous dawn, the Virgin is carried in an intimate and silent procession, whilst concerts of serenades and the ringing of bells put sound to the celebrations.

Festa de la Creu

This is one of the most traditional festivities in the municipality and begins with "vestida de la Creu", which gives way to the ringing of the bells, parades and a floral offering.

Commemoration of the Carta Pobla

The commemoration of the delivery of the Carta Pobla to the municipality of Benidorm is celebrated with a theatrical staging of the events that happened, usually, taking place in the Plaza de la Iglesia de San Jaime.

Bonfires of San Juan

The bonfire of the Cala, the bonfire of the Mercado and the bonfire of the Campo, are exhibited. The festivities culminate on the 24th with them all being burnt. For four days contests are organised and pyrotechnic spectacles are programmed.

Festivities in honour of the Virgen of Carmen

The Patron Saint of sailors is also honoured in Benidorm. The recital of verses by a girl from the town to the Virgin is one of the most emotive acts of the festivities.

Patron Saint festivities in honour of San Jaime

Local festivities.

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