Benidorm is a modern city, ready to share its secret with who wish to discover them. The main motivations to choose a destination to study Spanish or to visit for holidays are the environment and a good climate. Therefore, Benidorm in costa blanca is one of the preferred places by foreigners.

This can be one of the reasons that in recent years the Costa Blanca has seen a considerable increase in private educational services to teach Spanish.

The local cuisine, knowledge of the customs and festivals, visits to museums and enjoy the good weather and beaches are some of the activities that tourism require in Benidorm.

Benidorm is one of the biggest tourist centres of the Costa Blanca. The fine-sand beaches, the crystal waters and privileged climate have granted this region, also equipped with a great infrastructure of high-quality services,its wel deserved fame.

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Benidorm Gastronomy

The gastronomy in the city ranges from the simple and international hamburger, over paella, buffet food or the most economic menus to more elaborate meals, adapted to the new times and to more demanding palates and consisting of Mediterranean products that receive modern treatments. As a result, these complex dishes unfold virgin flavours which are a culinary delight for every dinner guest. Even one restaurant that is listed in the prestigious Michelin Guide offers its delicacies there.

In the traditional cuisine, it is recommendable to mention the ancient stews of Benidorm one can find in some restaurants. They consist of farm products mixed with seafood of shallow waters. The most representative stews of the city are rice broth with red mullet and pumpkin, rice with broad beans and beet, and rice with anchovies and spinach.

And if we wish to combine a day on the beach with a meal on the same, we find an immense number of terraces which can serve us for this purpose.

All of them have different offers, from international menus to fast food including British and combined dishes, a refreshment to restore one's powers and continue enjoying the day on the beach.

The wines and the horchata (a drink made from tiger nuts) are typical of the region and a nice complement for the hot temperatures in summer.

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