La Cala Sights

Weare going to begin our route at the square of Canalejas, where the town hall is located. Next to the town hall there is one of the most typical streets of our old quarter el carrer dels gats which is a sample of the town design of the old seafaring La Cala. If we go up its stone steps we reach the Iglesia de San Jaime which dates from the 18th century. It is precisely in 1740 when the Virgen del Sufragio the patron saint of La Cala is found. At that time the village fishermen acquired international prestige on being entrusted the installation of almost all the trap netting of the Mediterranean.

From then to La Cala experiences a considerable growth and the town begins to expand with the creation of new streets: Santa Faz, Condestable Zaragoza, Alicante, etc…which from the current picturesque old quarter of the town.

Continuing with our visit to the Old La Cala we are bound to reach one of the most emblematic places of the town. El Mirador del Castillo of La Cala. The fortress, which acted as defence against the incursions of Algerian and Berber pirates in the 14th , 15th and 16th centuries was built on the great rock which divides the two beaches. Later on the Castle was abandoned, and now only the remains of its walls are left lying on the rocks of the Mirador which is also known as the Mediterranean balcony.

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