Salobreña Festivities

May, 1 - May, 3

'Cross' celebrations.
There is a competition for the best 'Cross', decorated with flowers and adorned in Andalusian style.

April, 1

It is interesting to see the 'Virgen de la Soledad' carriage, carried only by women.

June, 13

Holiday in honour of Saint Antonio.
It is celebrated in Lobres.

June, 24 - June, 28

Holiday in honour of Saint Juan.
Procession and open-air dance in the fair pavilion, concerts in the Arab castle.

June, 14 - June, 16

Holiday in honour of the 'Virgen del Carmen'.
With a procession along the beach. It is celebrated in Salobreña (La Caleta).

October, 3 - October, 7

Holiday in honour of the Patron 'Virgen del Rosario.
Here is a pilgrimage to the beach, 'verbenas' (open-air dance) at the Arab Castle, craftwork exhibition and gastronomic tasting at the Paseo de las Flores.

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