Alicante Natural Parks

Natural Park of las Salinas de Santa Pola

Santa Pola Salt Flats lies in Alicante province. There are 2 areas clearly differentiated: The salt production area and the marshy area. The flora and fauna of this Nature Reserve have adapted themselves to this wet and high salinity level environment. This reserve enjoys a great bird life with species like the red-crested pochard and flamingos.

Natural Park of Carrascal de la Font Roja

This Reserve is situated between the towns of Ibi and Alcoi. Carrascal de La Font Roja is a mountain chain topped with an authentic Levantine Mediterranean forest.

The fauna in the area is characterized by the presence of mammals, like the wild boar, wild cat and badger, amongst others. It is also inhabited by reptiles and birds, like the golden eagles and vultures. Kermes oak, gall-oak etc. are typical of its flora.

Natural Park of Penyal D'Ifach

It is placed in the town of Calpe . El Penyal is made up of a Calcareous mass 332 metres high. This park is linked to the land via a sandy isthmus and has 2 beaches. Maur and Fossa. Close to them there is the salt marsh which are now salt flats not in use anymore. The Flora :Aleppo pines and shrub vegetation.

Natural Park of las Lagunas de la Mata y Torrevieja

The Lagoons of Mata and Torrevieja. This reserve is situated in the south of the province of Alicante close to Torrevieja. We have to point out the bird activity, especially the flamingo. Some invertebrates are also present here like the Artemia salina. This nature reserve is extremely interesting due to its botanical diversity, comprising shrub and tree vegetation typical of the salt marshes. Other species include the tamarix gallica and salicornia.

Natural Park of El Hondo

Beauty Spot located near the towns of Crevillente and Elche. Numerous streams flow into El Hondo reservoir. There are two of thems the Oriente and the Levante one. The flora of this park is characterized by reedbeds, eucalyptus and rushes. The fauna : carps, eels, grey mullet or mosquitofish.

Natural Park of El Montgo

The Montgo park is located between the towns of Denia and Javea . This reserve has a coastal section covering near 3 km. The geological composition of this Nature Reserve is distinguished by Cretaceous materials. On the lower parts of it, marl and marlaceous lime abound, while the escarpments are formed by compact limestone. The flora is composed by kermes oak groves dotted with mastic trees and rhamnnus alaternus, and the Mediterranean scrub. The marine birds are quite important in the fauna ; gull, Audouin's gull etc.

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