Novo Sancti Petri Nature

Chiclana has an extension of 203 km2 a third of it is occupied by the Natural Park Bahía de Cádiz. This Park is composed of marsh, rivers, dunes, islands,…that makes the perfect union between Sea and Land.

Walking across the town center, we may see proof for the reason Chiclana obtained the prize of the Green Flag “ Ciudad Sostenible” in 2002 because there are numerous birds that live here the whole year.

Near to the town centre we have the possibility to enjoy differents exosystems (marsh, countryside, pinewoods, beaches, etc…)


In the river Iro there are several temporary lagoons and pools. The most important are Jeli and Montellano, both are natural reserves and protected areas for the birds.


They are numerous pinewoods in the town. Specially beautiful are Pinar de la Espartosa, Pinar del Hierro and Pinar de la Barrosa, this one is provided with leisure installations for the use and enjoyment of the visitors.

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