Novo Sancti Petri Gastronomy

Chiclana´s cuisine is part of the excellent of Andalusian gastronomy, but we should emphasize that vegetables fish and seafood are raised locally in the salt marshes and salt ponds. Furthermore, Chiclana offers a variety of different sausages and fried pork rinds. Regarding confectionery, Chiclana has many reputable pastries. The famous Almond Cake made by Augustinian nuns place here is worthy of mention at the convent Jesus Nazareno in C/ Larga from 9:00 to 12.30 and 16.30 to 18.30

Wine from Chiclana traditionally is the most notable contribution in this sector. There are dry, fragrant, and muscatel wines. All of them are made by strictly traditional and historic processes. Visit some of our wine cellars.

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