Novo Sancti Petri Heritage

San Juan Bautista Parish Church

A beautiful example of Neoclasicism and a place of Cultural Interest was built between 1773 and 1814 by the architects Torcuato Cayón and Torcuato Benjumeda. Inside one part of the altarpiece is by Roque Balduque (1552) this originally came from a previous church and also two canvasses from the Zurbarán school stand out.
Plaza Mayor , s/n
956 400 255

San Telmo Church

This church was built in 1783 for the Augustinians on the location of an earlier church. Inside, deserving a special mention are the altarpiece and some paintings like the Inmaculate of the Mulato as well as the image of the Virgin of Remady. Chiclana´s patron saint. This image was discovered in the 16th century. Outside is remarkable the angular, flat and pointed belltower which is an unusual concept.
C/ La Plaza 4

Jesus Nazareno chuch and convent

Chiclana most important Baroque work. Built between 1667 and 1674 thanks to the benefits resulting from trade with America. Especially remarkable inside are the baroque altarpieces and the carving of Jesus Nazareno of the main altar. Outside the baroque Genoese façade made from Carrara marble causes admiration as one of the province´s most beautiful ones.
Alameda Lora s/n

Santa Ana Church

Dates from the second half of the 18th century. It is one of chiclana´s most representative buildings because – due to its situation overlooking the city – it can be seen from everywhere around. Its structure is octagonal and surrounded by arcades. The inside houses the image of Santa Ana and the Virgen Niña by sculptor Domingo Giscardi .

The San Martín Hospital

16th century after many restorations now only houses its baroque altarpieces.

The Clock Tower

18th century used to be part of the ancient town hall.
Plaza Mayor.

Conde del Pinar House and Palace

18th century.
C/ Fierro

Vea Murguía House

18th century
C/ García Gutierrez

Consistorial House 20th century

Built over the house of alejandro Risso
C/ Constitución.

Bermeja and del puerco wathtowers

On La Barrosa beach.

Santi Patri Village

Sancti Petri tuna-fishing village 20th century, witnessed major fishing activity until 1973

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