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Jerez City, Spain

The city of Jerez is situated in the southwest of Spain in Andalucia at 40km from the city of Cdiz. The physical appearance of this city has been influenced by the different cultures that have settled there over the past centuries and proof of that are the numerous archaeological remains that can still be seen in the city and the countryside. The archaeological remains from the Phoenicians, Romans and Muslims combined with the beauty of the later Christian buildings give Jerez a very interesting, original and beautiful urban physiognomy. Today the city and the name of Jerez it is well known all over the world due to its famous sherry wines. But Jerez it is also important because of the Carthusian horse, the bullfightings, the flamenco art and because of its international motorcycle circuit where important international racings take place. A city where old traditions coexist perfectly with the modern; like shopping centres, modern infrastructures, tourism services etc. with a great situation (at just 30km from the coast) and climate.And an international airport at just 10mn driving.

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