Jerez sightseeing

Jerez the soul of Andalusia, an exclusive and distinctive city, monumental and appealing. The monumental complex of the Alczar de Jerez, which was constructed in the twelfth century and constitutes one of the few examples of Almohad architecture that exists in Spain, is a visit not to be missed.When you finish you will still have time to see the Archaeological Museum, the Watch Museum, the Centro Andaluz de Flamenco and to marvel at the famous La Cartuja Monastery.

To end the day, go to the Cmara Oscura, from which you can observe the perimeters of Jerez.The best way to see these places is by attending the autumn fiestas, when the wine, the flamenco and the horses will make it even more enjoyable.

In the bullring stadium the Bulera Fiesta is held each year, the expression par excellence of Jerezano song.An interesting program of flamenco acts, ranging from the most innovative to the most traditional, has been added to this festival.

If you're in the mood, the best thing is to view the interesting Equestrian Cycle of the Spanish Association of Jumping Horse Breeders or go to the Viallavicencio Palace to sample the wines that are offered in the International Salon of Fine Wines hel in May "Vinoble". The last day of the Salon, the Jerezanos keep alive the tradition of the "Trampling of the Grapes" and the blessing of the new wine in the environs of the Cathedral.

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