Jerez Horse Fair, Jerez Spain

The origin of our fair goes to XIII century back. During the reign of Alfonso X, the Wise, that king granted Jerez two fairs, one in April and another in September. These two fairs were confirmed by his son Sancho (The brave) in August 1282. He also founded a weekly market on monday.

These fairs got a great importance as they gathered together a big crowd. They were held at the Feria street - between La Puerta Real and Francos Street. In 1.868, a livestock fair was held for the first time at the so-called Hato de la carne. In 1.872, it was moved to San Telmo beaches. Later on, it was settled at El Cañada de Caulina with street lighting.

In 1902, the current site of Gonzalez Hontoria Park was inaugurated. After being reformed in the eighties, this place became a representative image of the earliest XX century. Nowadays, it has become the most suitable site for the whole population to share living joy with friends and relatives.

Horses, wine and Flamenco are the main elements for the comprehension of the purest culture of this town. Nevertheless, although wine growing and Flamenco mark the social-economic and cultural history, horses have become one of the most emblematic manifestations in Jerez: Its Horse Fair.

Horsemen and horsewomen rival between themselves and the carriages wonders everybody who observe them. Pitters, "faetones, landós" and "arañas" elegantly walk along the site of the fair. During the Horse Fair, a considerable amount of equestrian competitions are held: Classical and cowherd taming, "Pursuit and Knock down", Horse riding, obstacle jumps, complete competition of obstacle jumps, complete competition of carriages, competition of selected horse livestock.

The incomparable framework you can admire in "El Real" is only overcome by the enjoyment, solidarity and respect of every inhabitant of Jerez when they hold the fair. Apart from its idiosyncracy, The inhabitants transmit how this town feels. 100% of the people attending the fair are freely allowed to go into the more than 250 "casetas" existing in the site.

Jerez Horse Fair
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