Granada Almuñecar Beaches

The following is a list of the most important or interesting beaches along the Almuñecar coast:

Playa de Cabria

Access from main road (N340) down riverbed or from the coastal paseo via Taramay. Small but popular beach with good eating facilities. From here you can walk east around the headland to a smaller cove.

Playa El Pozuelo

Small beach shaded by eucalyptus grove. This can be quite busy since it's close to a large hotel. There are a couple of places on the beach to eat and reasonable parking for most of the year. (see Closeup on Taramay)

Playa El Tesorillo

This gem of a beach, reflected in its name (Tesorillo means The Little Treasure), is tiny but enchanting. Fine sand inlet bordered by rocks and serviced by two good beach bars. Very popular even during the summer evenings. (see Closeup on Taramay)

Playa Velilla

2 km sand and shingle beach running the full length of Velilla. Bars, restaurants and shops are available all along the front, and there's a watersports centre in the middle of the beach. Easy access but difficult parking in summer. (see Closeup on Velilla)

Playa Puerta del Mar

This is Almuñécar's main beach, which runs from the aquapark, past the mouth of the Rio Verde and as far as the castle and Cross which lie roughly in the centre of town. Broken only by clusters of colourful fishing boats and a few palm trees, this spacious beach is very popular during the high season. Most town services are only a short walk away.

Playa San Cristóbal

On the western side of Almuñécar, the long shingle beach of San Cristóbal and its wide promenade front an assortment of hotels and apartment blocks, ending in the crowd of boats and nets that constitute a large part of the local fishing fleet. There are plenty of beachbars and restaurants to choose from and some seasonal watersports. (see Closeup on Playa de San Cristóbal)

Playa de Cotobro

Charming bay lying just around the headland with a small sand and shingle beach and one restaurant. From here it's possible to walk around the rocks to the next beach, the Playa del Muerto.

Playa del Muerto

Accessible on foot from the Playa de Cotobro, this mixture of secluded shingle coves and rocks is officially recognised as a nudist bathing area. There are no services.

Playa de Berengueles

Small sand beach beside the Marina del Este sports port on the rocky Punta de la Mona. Very popular area for watersports based in the port. Good beachbar/ restaurant.

Playa de la Herradura

Arguably this is the best and prettiest beach in the area, running the full 2 km width of the magnificent horseshoe bay that gives the village of La Herradura its name. Mostly fine sand, there's room for all and even in summer it's never really crowded. A string of beachbars, restaurants and shops service most of the beach and there's plenty of watersports to choose from.

Playa de Cantarriján

On the far western side of the huge Cerro Gordo promontory lies the last beach in the municipality and the most isolated. There are two ways to reach it by car. The original entrance is a vertiginous road winding down the hillside, fortunately in good condition, which can be found signposted off the old road that runs around Cerro Gordo. However, a newer entrance leading off the main N340 highway about 200m from the tunnel has now been opened, affording more comfortable access to the beach. The sand and shingle beach has been designated a nudist bathing area, although the western end is normally occupied by conventional sunbathers. There are a couple of good beachbars/ restaurants open throughout the season.

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