La Palma Sights - Canary Islands

There is plenty to see on La Palma, for the island is not only a scaled-down continent, into which the most varied natural landscapes have been tightly packed together, but it also has a considerable amount to offer in matters of culture, history and local history.

Santa Cruz de la palma once possessed the third most important harbour in the Spanish Empire. The close commercial ties with Flanders and South America, export farming and the close relationship with Cuba and Venezuela led to a colourful mixing of nationalities and the interweaving of the most varied lifestyles and economic systems. A faithful reproduction of this evenful history is reflected, last but not least, in the local handicrafts.

Apart from that a mere 500years ago La Palma was still inhabited by the Benahoaritas a pastoral people from North Africa who are only remembered these days thanks to their rock inscriptions, cave dwellings burial sites and earthenware pots.

Below is a summary of the most important sights, divided into natural areas, museums, parks, thematic routes, churches, craft centres and workshops and markets.

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