La Palma Museums - Canary Islands

Casa del Maestro

Ethnographic museum in a former schoolhouse: Benahoarita pots, kitchen with cooking utensils, Devil´s fiesta, natural areas…

Casa Museo del Vino

Wine museum history of wine, growing areas, grape varieties, vineyard work, production processes.

Casa Rioja

The only museum in Spain dedicated to the Corpus Christi celebrations. Also exhibition of embroidery.

Centro de Interpretación Etnográfica

Ethnographic museum: rock inscriptions, fiestas, natural areas, astronomical observatory…

Molino El Regente

Gofio museum in former water mill, possibliy closed due to restoration.

Museo del Plátano

Banana Museum: history of banana growing, social and economic effects, export and biology of the banana…

Museo Insular

Island Museun: archaeology, natural and local history. Flemish and South American art.

Museo Naval

Maritime Museun in the replica of Columbus´s ship, the Santa María. Old charts and navigation instruments, model ships…(possibly still closed due to restoration).

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