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Girona is small, beautiful town in Catalonia, Spain, with a population of about 100,000. It was founded by the Romans in about 77bc. The remnants of this period can still be seen in the town walls near to the historic heart of the city. It has an attractive Jewish quarter and is often overlooked by budged flyers using the Girona Airport. Girona is an excellent stop-off as part of a tour of Catalonia or as al long weekend tour from Barcelona.

During the 12th century flourished the Jewish community of Girona, with one of the most important Cabbalistic schools in Europe. The history of the Jewish community ended in 1492, when they were expelled from Catalonia by the Catholic Kings. Today, the Jewish quarter is one of the best preserved in Europe and is a major tourist attraction.



The main gateway to Girona is the city's airport (Girona airport – Costa Brava) which due to its close proximity to Barcelona (about 100 km) is busier than you'd expect. Various budget airlines like Ryanair run flights from the airport. Its good road network probably makes Car Hire Girona the best way not only to travel to and from the city but also for getting around the city itself.

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You can also reach Girona by train from the rest of Spain and a number of European cities like Zürich, Paris and Turin. The station is run by ADIF.

Girona Maps

To get around the city or the Costa Brava area via the AP7 a good map or street atlas is advisable. Here, with the help of Google, we have made a map available which can be enlarged by clicking on it. Originally there was a tram system in the city but this has now been replaced by buses.

If planning to come in high season, take in consideration to reserve your accommodation and hire a car ahead of time if you don’t want to get bad surprises in your holidays.

Car rental in Girona

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The Airport Girona-Costa Brava is located 12km south of the city of Girona, in the north-east of Cataluña, Spain. It is well connected to the Costa Brava, Barcelona and the Pyrenees.

In the beginning of 2000, passenger numbers started growing spectacularly after Ryanair chose Girona as one of its European destinations. In the last six years the number of passengers has grown ten times from 557.000 to 5.507.000.

Many travelers use Girona Airport as an alternative airport for Barcelona, though the airport is 92 km (57.5 miles) away, in the north of Barcelona. Passengers can transfer to Barcelona by Bus or taxi from the airport or by train from Girona railway station.

Girona Airport is very convenient if you stay in resorts along the Costa Brava, such as Lloret del Mar, L´Estarit or Blanes. It is about a 40 minutes drive from the French border and many travelers use Girona airport as a way of getting to the Pyrenees and the Ski Resorts in Andorra.

Weather Forecast

The Weather in Girona has a typical Mediterranean climate and on overage is mild, with wet winter seasons and dry summer seasons. In winter the temperature can drop sometimes to below -5ºC (23ºF) due to the winds coming from the Pyrenees. Rain and frost are very common in winter and thunderstorms can come often. In summer temperatures can rise up to 30-40ºC (86-104ºF) during the months of July and August.

The average yearly temperature is 23ºC (73.4ºF). The Costa Brava is the coastal area of the province of Girona; being a very popular holiday resort, it enjoys a sea breeze that cools the effect of the sun.

The province of Girona as well includes the western part of the Pyrenean Mountains with a very different climate; here, just one and a half hours drive form the city of Gerona, you find snow and Ski Resorts.

Accommodation: Villas and Hotels

Finding accommodation in Girona, Spain, is not hard. Gerona is a beautiful historical city with many hotels and hostels to choose from. Depending on your budget you will find something perfect for you in this region of northern Spain.

The price for accommodation in Girona depends on location, category and season. You will be able to find cheap hotels if you reserve ahead of time, especially during summer. There is also a wide selection of villas and apartments rentals in Gerona for your holidays in Costa Brava.

popular excursions and Ski Resorts

The coastal area of Girona: 30 km from Girona, the Costa Brava offers some of the world's finest beaches with clear and transparent waters. Some characteristic Girona Beaches are Parc Natural del Cap de Creus, Los Aiguamolla de l'Emporá, las Illes Medes or the bays of Begur, Palafrugell, Cadaqués or Tossa.

The city Figueres is situated about 50 km to the north of Gerona and is not only the birthplace of the artist Salvador Dalí but as well an attractive place to vistit with shops, terraces, noble houses and a lot of magic to enjoy the nightlife in Girona.

Walking and cycling tours. There are a lot of walking and cycling routes through the countryside and points of special interest. Many of the routes are along disused railway lines, which make it easy to follow.

The Pyrenees offer a wide range of posibilities for practising mountain sports or for cultural tours alongside the roman heritage of the area. Here are the Natural Park Cadí-Moixeró, the volcanic area of Garrotxa and charming villages like Santa Pau, Besalú, Beget and Hostalets de Bas. As well there are 4 alpine Ski Stations and one Nordic Ski Station: Guils Fontanera, La Molina, Masella, Vall de Núria and Vallter 2000.

Andorra: Less than a 2-hours-drive from Girona, this little country is full of surprises: a nature of great beauty and well preserved heritage, with very competitive prices y Ski Resorts.

You shouldn't miss those Girona attractions, they will make your holidays much funnier.

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