Faro Sightseeing

There are many things we can do during our holidays in Faro, our vacation on the Algarve. To begin, exploring this wonderful Portuguese district, from east to west or vice versa.

The District of Faro is advisable because of its exquisite cuisine, its monuments, its communes or districts and its beaches and natural areas like the lagoon of the Ria Formosa. But in addition, this region has a large number of attractions, both by day and night, in this case to highlight the nightlife of cities like Albufeira or Vilamoura, municipalities with large tourist nightlife with bars, restaurants, nightclubs ... where you can enjoy good music and better food. The beach is another of the great attractions of the district of Faro, the lake of the Vilamoura, in the Monte Gordo, Tavira Island, the beaches of Portimao ... all different but with one common denominator, the clarity of the sand from golden to whitish, or their crystal clear waters. Find beaches in the Algarve, for instance urban, semi-urban, natural, isolated, nudist beaches ... Many things can be done in this region, sport events, outdoor activities, enjoying the nature, doing kitesurfing, surfing, hiking or horseback riding, etc ...

Faro Nature

The climax of the province is the Ria Formosa, a dam that spans the towns of Loulé, Faro, Olhão, Tavira and Vila Real de Santo António, covering an area of about 18,400 acres over 60 miles along river Anca on the beach of Manta Rota. This protected area is a National Park, issued by Decree-Law 373/87 of 9 December 1987. The coast of the Atlantic Ocean is protected by a cordon of dunes formed by two peninsulas (Faro, Anca including the beach and the beach of Faro, and Cacela, including the beach of Manta Rota) and five sand barrier islands (Isle of Barreta, Culatra island, island of Armona, Tavira Island and the Isle of Booths), which serve to protect the entire park. It is a wetland of international importance as habitat for waterfowl and the subject of many studies conducted by students of the University of Algarve.

Some Faro sights:

  • Faro Castle
  • Faro Cathedral
  • San Francisto Church

Faro attractions

In southern Portugal, the Algarve has a wide range of attractions to suit all types of tourists. With a mild climate, dry, white, sandy beaches, picturesque villages and the warmth of its people, Faro has attracted those seeking a vacation beyond the ordinary since the 1960's. Enjoy and discover the most beautiful part of Portugal in one of our many apartments and holiday homes in Albufeira, Almancil etc ...

Faro monuments information:

Below you can browse more information about this beautiful city and the surroundings. Explore and enjoy Faro!

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