Nightclubs in Faro Nightlife

One of the best things you can do in Faro if you love the nightlife is to visit Albufeira and enjoy the wonderful evening on the seafront of Albufeira, where you will find bars, restaurants, discos ....

Faro is not a big city; therefore, its nightlife is not very exciting. But there are many places where to spend a great night. The main entertainment points of Faro are located along "Rua do Prior", which is the most animated zone of the city. There, you can find a great number of pubs, cafes and nightclubs, where the rock is the predominant musical rhythm. Most bars and clubs in Faro open from 22:30 until dawn.

When the night begins "Upa Upa cofee pub" is a great option. This pub used to be crowded with tourists and locals. It has a spacious interior, and the pub is opened from 21:00 to 4:00am.
It can be found at street 51 "Ruah Conselheiro Bivar"

Another nice pub suggestion is "Nordic pub"; inaugurated in 2006. There is a live show of jazz and free wifi. Djs playing different sorts of music like rock or punk.
It is located at 78000 "Rua do Capitao-mor".

Montechoro Strip in Albufeira (30 minutes from Faro), is one of the most popular night zones of the province. There are many cafes, bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

Other entertainment places at Faro

Capicua Bar

at 4th block "Margina" avenue.

Casa do Castelo

at "Praia da Gale".

Casino Praia Rocha

at "Praia Rocha".

Eddies Ba

a peculiar and nice bar, located at 99 "Rua 25 de Abril".

Erin’s Isle

at "Montechoro Strip".


nice place at "Areais de Sao Joao".

Rock’n Bowl

at "Algarve" Shopping.

The Red Eye Bal

good bar at 63 "Rua Candido dos Reis".

Wilds & Co

at "Areais de Sao Joao", in "Albufeira".


nice bar with excellent music and good drinks, at "Rua 25 de Abril".

Albufeira is one of the major destinations of Portugal for two reasons, Albufeira beaches and Albufeira nightlife.

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