The Canary Island of Tenerife is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain with more than 5 million visits a year. Tenerife has spectacular panoramic views due to its volcanic origin and a diversity of climates.

The snow covered volcano Teide with an elevation of 3,718 m (12,198 ft) above sea level is the highest point of all Spain and forms together with its surroundings the protected National Park del Teide which the UNESCO included in 2007 into the "Heritage of Humanity".

The Capital City of both the island and the autonomous community of the Canary Islands is Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The island is as well home of the La Laguna University, which was founded in 1792. Most hotels can be found in the south in the areas of Los Cristianos beach and Las Americas beach.


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There are two International Airports in Tenerife, one in the north and the more frequented in the south, handling both more than 9 million passengers a year, which make them belong to the busiest airports in Spain. The Tenerife Airport differs as well from the airports on the Spanish mainland due to the fact that the visitor numbers grow over the winter period when the weather in Tenerife is the best on offer in Europe.

South Tenerife Airport, known as well as Airport Reina Sofía, the largest of the Canary Islands, is located close to the coastal villages of El Médano and Los Abrigos. At the end of the 70's the island authorities created this new airport emplacement due to the meteorological inconveniences existent in the north of the island.

North Tenerife Airport, known as well as Los Rodeos Airport, is the second largest airport of the Canary Islands. It is located 11 km from Santa Cruz. Tenerife North is less used than Tenerife South. Around 50% of its air traffic is from inter-Island flights from La Palma, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, El Hierro and La Gomera Islands. There are as well connections to the Spanish peninsula, Europe and North America.


The weather in Tenerife is fabulous. Tenerife is internationally known as the “Island of Eternal Spring”. The island, being on the latitude of the Sahara Desert, enjoys during all year a warm climate with average temperatures around 20º -22ºC in winter and 26º-28ºC in summer. The moderate climate of Tenerife is controlled to a great extent by the trade winds, whose humidity is principally condensed over the north and northeast of the island. The further north you go, the cloudier, rainier and greener it gets.

In the southern part of the island the sun is reining and there is a hot climate and the sun is shining almost every day. The southern and desert-like Santa Cruz generally experiences a warm climate throughout the year with noticeably higher temperatures than La Laguna, where frequently it is colder, with a greater chance of rainfall.

Accommodation: Villas and Hotels

Finding accommodation in Tenerife, Spain, is not hard. Tenerife is a beautiful volcanic island with many hotels and hostels to choose from. Depending on your budget you will find something perfect for you in this Atlantic island.

The price for accommodation in Tenerife depends on location, category and season. You will be able to find cheap hotels if you reserve ahead of time, especially during summer. There is also a wide selection of villas and apartments rentals in Tenerife for your holidays on the Canary Islands.

and attractions

The Beaches in Tenerife are rugged and steep, particularly in the north of the island, with frequent pebble beaches with black sand, meanwhile in the south and south-west coast of the island, the beaches are much finer and clearer with lighter tones and quality of sand.

Some beaches are crowded and others well hidden and deserted. From the cliffs and the black sand beaches in Anaga in the east, to the pebble stone beaches in Teno in the west and the sand or campsite beaches in Los Abrigos, Las Galletas or La Caleta, the famous windsurf beach in El Medanao, the surf beach El Socorro or the beaches of Puerto de la Cruz, everybody will find his perfect spot.

The biggest attractions in Tenerife are without no doubt the National Park del Teide with endless hiking trails through an ever changing flora until an altitude of nearly 3.000 meters; the black and white sandy beaches and the crystal clear water and the rich underwater world.

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