San Fernando Fairs

Canival - February or march

A tremendously popular festival in this area. Light-hearted processions, competitions, popular shows in tablaos all delightfully accompanied by a variety of typical local dishes.

Holy week - March or April

A spectacular explosion, both aesthetically and culturally, highly renowned and of artistic and religious interest, all these adjectives describe the beautiful, unique representation of the Passion of Christ in San Fernando. Not to be missed: the start of the procession of Jesus the Nazarene at 2am on Holy Friday.

San Juan - 23rd June

On this, the shortest night of the year, in the Casería del Ossio district, huge images constructed with cloth, straw and other materials, are set alight.

The Carmen and salt fair - july

In honour of her Patron Saint, the Virgin Carmen, San Fernando becomes a mass of colour, lights, horsemen and women and countless stalls and booths in which to enjoy the magnificent.

Las Cortes festivity - 24th September

Musical bands, public access to various, historically-relevant, constitutional buildings a chance to enjoy local gastronomic delights, a military parade, bullfighting and a myriad of other activities to commemorate the important historical events that occurred in the Villa of the Real Isla of Leon during the Napoleonic war, and which led to the establishment of the First Spanish Constitution.

Pilgrimage to the Cerro de los Martires - 23rd October

A procession, a mass and a family day-out in San Fernando, when, traditionally, the townsfolk make their way to the hill and spend the whole day there. High tea is typically a mix of chestnuts, walnuts, quince and pine kernels.

All Saints Festival - last Friday in October

On the last Friday in October, the town´s municipal market is the scene for a competition amongst the various stall holders, who adorn their stalls with amusing satirical decorations, ironic reflections of life on the Island and in Spain at large.

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