Torremolinos Nightlife

If Torremolinos has all the special characteristics, such as mild climate, sunny beaches, hotels, etc. to make it an ideal place to enjoy your daytime, let’s not forget the evenings.

The Torremolinos night life, famous throughout the Costa del Sol, has its own personality defined by a special charm. It not only attracts foreign visitors, but many malagueños come every weekend. All of them drawn by the lights trying to live life without limits gather in such spots as Pueblo Blanco or La Nogalera, among others. Torremolinos has the vitality to provide fun all night long.

But there is also room in Torremolinos for another type of night, more quiet and relaxed. Visit the many cafeterias, terrace bars, restaurants and the famous Chiringuitos all along the beautiful beaches of this municipality.

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